Magic & Love

Magic & Love

Astra Sparks, author of hetero and queer fantasy romance, always writes about love and magic occurring in enchanting worlds.

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Change of Plans

Milo’s enjoying a quiet moment with Zick as they drank coffee outside in the cold of the Shivers-and-Chills Season. Everything’s perfect until Zick receives a wingnote.
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The Morning After

After spending the night with Milo for the first time since they started dating, Zick woke up anxious and afraid that Milo might want, from now on, to keep things strictly platonic between them.
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Customer Service

Milo, who had to work alone on a busy Feast Day, started losing patience after a large number of customers visited One Cup a Day, the new coffee shop he opened in Pumpkin Plaza.
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The Best Coffee Mage in the Woods

Milo plans to meet his best friend Zick at his aunt’s coffee caravan in order to break the Vow he made to Milo when he was twelve years old.
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