Astra Sparks

The Grimoire

A Hetero Romantasy Novella

Synopsis: Autumn Brightleaf, who studied her entire life to become a Grim Guard, can’t mess up at work again or she’ll get fired.

Keywords: Library, Grimoires, Magic, Spells, Wands, Crime Chasers, Quaint Towns, Fall Season

Genre: Hetero Romantasy, Cozy Fantasy, Clean Romance

Release Date: Coming Soon


Autumn Brightleaf

Age: 23 years old
Birthday: Day 17 of the Month when Witch Merryweather Discovered the Forgetting Flower but Forgot about her Discovery the Next Day (11), Year 3121, Fall Season
HeartScope: Malori
Occupation: Grim Guard
Favorite Spell: The Spell that Makes People Talk with a Shrill Voice

Ethan Hawthorn

Age: 30 years old
Birthday: Day 28 of the Month when Wizard Poppybloom Ventured into the Mist-at-the-End-of-the-Woods and Reappeared in the Cheers Royal’s Private Bathroom (9), Year 3114, Bog-of-Frogs Season
HeartScope: Femori
Occupation: Chaser Chief
Favorite Spell: The Spell that Glues People’s Lips Together and Prevents them from Uttering a Sound