Astra Sparks

Woods of Wonders

Woods of Wonders: A Collection of Romantasy Novels

Woods of Wonders is a collection of romantasy novels, novellas, and series occurring in the same unique and magical world. This collection is perfect for people who love reading hetero and queer romance stories that mix bouts of cozy moments with episodes of thrilling adventures.

What are the Woods of Wonders?

The Woods of Wonders are an enchanting world overflowing with magic, splendors, and marvels where seasons hop from one another without a specific order or time frame. All seasons offer their own holidays and festivities, a time during which Witches, Wizards, and Wicks enjoy spending a moment with their family and friends.

However, all this magic comes with a series of challenges, and everyone in the Woods of Wonders has to be prepared to tackle them.

No worries, though.

With the mandatory Survival Seminars, all Wicks get to spend an entire week in the wilds every year to revise their knowledge of basic survival spells and refresh their memory of rules and regulations about the use of magic, including the proper procedure to follow when a Woodshift hits the Woods of Wonders.

Because Woodshifts, they disrupt people’s life more than a newly-adopted lil’dragon.

During Woodshifts, the entire Woods’s geography changes. Hooklands like towns, villages, and people’s land travel together. But all natural landscapes like mountains, ponds, or forests morph into new terrains while driftblooms change location.

And if a Wick is out exploring the world when a Woodshift hits the Woods of Wonders, they need to wait for the Cartographers to draw a new Woods Map to return home. In the meantime, they can camp in the wilds and feast on ingredients found in nature, they can rent a bed at a traveler lodge, or they can hope to cross path with a Trek-Inn that would pick them up and wander the Woods with a promise of comfort and delicious meals.

No matter people’s level of readiness, though, surprises always await them in the Woods of Wonders between a sip of tea or a moment spent at a campfire.

That’s the way of the Woods.

But for safety’s sake, Wicks are required to check the magic and weather forecast before leaving the comfort of their own abode, discovering which spells don’t work for the day and which spots on the map are shrouded in mist.


The Grimoire

Autumn Brightleaf, who studied her entire life to become a Grim Guard, can’t mess up at work again or she’ll get fired.

The Vow

Milo plans to meet his best friend Zick at his aunt’s coffee caravan in order to break the Vow he made to Milo when he was twelve years old.