Customer Service

Customer Service

The Vow, Ficlet #1

Milo, who had to work alone on a busy Feast Day, started losing patience after a large number of customers visited One Cup a Day, the new coffee shop he opened in Pumpkin Plaza.

Milo was working behind the counter at his coffee shop, casting one coffee spell after another. Feast Days were always the busiest days of the week, and today was no exception to this rule.

A fire crackled in the fireplace smashed against the back wall, warming up the cool air brought by the Fall Season, and another customer stepped inside the coffee shop.

“Welcome to One Cup a Day.” Milo’s tone was harsh and unwelcoming. “What can I get you?”

Since he opened his shop this morning, Milo hadn’t had a chance to take a break, and by midday, the place became crowded enough for Milo to start snapping at people. Good thing Rascal was hanging out with Zick today, otherwise he’d have wreaked so much mischief that Milo’s annoyance would have reached an all-time high and prompted him to cast shooing spells at people.

And that would have been bad for business.

Milo took the customer’s order, wondering if opening his own coffee shop was a mistake. Milo loved to cast coffee and baking spells, but people? He cared for them as much as he cared for leaves getting stuck in his hair.

Was it too late to change his mind and return to work at his aunt’s coffee caravan?

Milo settled ingredients on the counter, ready to cast a coffee spell, when an idea popped inside his mind. He summoned his wand and cast another spell.

His favorite one, actually.

After Milo finished casting the Spell that Replaces People’s Voice in One’s Ears by the Sound of the Wind, he went to conduct his business as usual, minus the desire to throw insults at everyone crossing his path.

Impressive, wasn’t it?

The truth was, the sound of the wind had always soothed Milo’s mind, and it was currently creating an invisible barrier between him and the boisterous crowd. Milo could easily read lips, thus his spell didn’t impede his service. Heck, it even improved his service since Milo served his customers with a content smile brightening his face.

Why didn’t he think of this solution sooner?

Milo finished working the rush hour, no imminent headache coming to knock on his forehead. A few customers lingered in the back of the shop, sipping their cup of coffee in silence.

He broke his spell and started cleaning his counter and working tools.

One of the remaining customers raised from her seat and joined Milo at the counter. “Your coffee and coffee shop are the best.” She walked towards the door but halted in her tracks. “And the service? Impeccable.”

Shock rippled through Milo like water after an acorn smashed into its depth. He cleared his throat, his heart hammering at the praise. “See you tomorrow.”

The Witch winked, and saluted Milo with two of her fingers. “You betcha.”

As the Witch left, Milo realized that as long as he wanted to run a coffee shop, he would always find a way to make things work.

Because it was Milo’s dream. And because, people weren’t all that bad.