The Morning After

The Morning After

The Vow, Ficlet #2

After spending the night with Milo for the first time since they started dating, Zick woke up anxious and afraid that Milo might want, from now on, to keep things strictly platonic between them.

Zick blinked his eyes open.

Sun rays peeked through his bedroom window as a warm fire crackled in the fireplace. A week ago, the Woods of Wonders had hopped into the Winter Season, covering the land in a blanket of snow.

Despite the coldness floating in the air, Zick felt quite warm thanks to the Wizard sharing his bed this morning. For the first time since they started dating, Milo had spent the night with Zick.

It wasn’t the first time they shared a bed.

Growing up together and being best friends for years had come with its fair share of slumber parties. It was, however, the first time they had sex. Happiness skittered alongside Zick’s spine as the memory of last night swirled within his mind and filled his heart with love and blissfulness… and a sliver of fear.

What if Milo woke up this morning, plagued with a feeling of discomfort after the night they spent exploring their bodies in a new and intimate way, and decided to keep things strictly platonic between them?

Zick’s heart hammered behind his ribcage, worry erupting in his mind.

If Milo rejected Zick at this point in their relationship, Zick doubted he’d ever recover. Zick had been in love with Milo for as long as he could remember, and now that Zick had won Milo’s heart, he didn’t want to give it back.

He couldn’t give it back.

Frogs. What if Milo didn’t want him anymore?! Zick had to get up. Take his mind off his rising panic.

As slowly as possible not to wake up Milo, Zick slipped from under the blanket and sat on the edge of the bed, shivers running down his body from the cold. He was planning to make Milo a cup of coffee and prove to him that despite taking the next step in their relationship, they were still the same two Wizards who shared a friendship for the past 16 years.

As he rose to his feet, however, his elbow knocked over the water goblet prompted against his nightstand, making the goblet crash down on the floor and create a ruckus that retorted all around Zick’s bedroom.

Milo stirred behind him, cracking an eye open. “Come back to bed,” he grunted, stretching his arm in Zick’s direction, flexing his fingers as an attempt to grab him.

Milo didn’t need to ask Zick twice.

Zick buried himself back under the blanket, snuggling against his adorable sweetheart who wrapped both his arms and legs around Zick and forbade him to leave their love nest before falling back asleep.

Relief spread throughout Zick’s body.

Milo didn’t regret spending the night with Zick, and Zick couldn’t wipe the smile off his face. Milo and he, they belonged together, and having sex had brought them closer, not further apart.

Zick tightened his embrace, leaving a trail of sweet kisses all over Milo’s body.

“Go back to sleep,” grumbled Milo.

Zick grinned against Milo’s skin. “Wi’d, yes wi’d.”

Milo snorted. “You’re an idiot. And…” Milo yawned and buried his face into Zick’s neck. “I love you.”

Zick’s heart exploded, his body buzzing from head to toe. But Zick, he kept his happiness in check. He didn’t want to fully wake up Milo.

Not yet, at least.