Change of Plans

Change of Plans

The Vow, Ficlet #3

It’s Feast Day morning, and Milo’s enjoying a quiet moment with Zick as they drank coffee outside in the cold of the Shivers-and-Chills Season. Everything’s perfect until Zick receives a wingnote.

Milo took a sip of his creamcoff, and the bitter taste stroke his tongue and woke his sleepy mind. He slumped in his snow chair, the cold air of the Shivers-and-Chills Season biting his cheeks, and he basked under the morning sun with Zick sitting next to him.

The snow and ice covering the land sparkled under the sunrays like tiny gembuds, but nothing felt more precious than this moment he was sharing with his sweetheart. These past few weeks, Zick had been busy with work and Milo hadn’t spent as much time with him as his heart required. Milo missed Zick, and even if he understood that their lives had become busier, this time apart always weighted heavily on his heart. And when Zick announced having the week-end off, Milo had jumped on the occasion to plan a camping trip.

Just for the two of them.

Milo hadn’t lost time packing food and warm clothes and picking the perfect spot for a quick getaway. They’d dropped Rascal at his aunt’s place because Milo didn’t trust him to roam free in his cottage for an entire week-end, and they arrived yesterday night in the Grove where Squirrels Snore Loudly. After Milo cast a camping spell, making a snow hut grow from the ground, they’d spent the night cuddling in front of the flame pit.

Milo hadn’t wanted the night to end, but they’d had to go to bed when Zick started nodding off. They woke up this morning, their limbs tangled together and Milo’s cold feet pressed against Zick’s leg.

It was perfect. Cozy.

And after they ate the breakfast sandwiches Milo had stored inside his NeverSpace, Milo had prepared the coffee they were currently savoring in front of a campfire, the flames warming his heart as much as Zick’s presence by his side.

“I was thinking that we could go skating this afternoon and gather food for dinner at the same time,” suggested Milo. “There’s an ice path right behind our snow hut that circles the entire grove. Sounds good?”

Zick flashed his teeth, which were as white as the snow blanketing the land. “Sounds perfect.”

As Milo offered his sweetheart one of his brightest smiles, a wingnote appeared and fluttered around Zick. Milo’s smile faltered, his stomach knotting in worry. What if the note came from Zick’s boss, requesting him back to work?

Milo loved that Zick had found his passion in life, and he’d never want to take that feeling away from him. Sometimes, however, he feared that Zick’s job would come between them, making them grow apart, and that their love would wane like a dying flame.

He couldn’t lose Zick. And spending too much time apart always worsened his anxiety.

Zick seized the note, his face hardening as he read the words written on the piece of parchment.

Milo was right. They’d need to cut their trip short.

“What does the note say?” Milo took another sip of his coffee, but its warmth didn’t help alleviate the ache that was slowly building in his heart.

“Don’t worry about it,” answered Zick as he crumbled the note and tossed it into the fire.

Milo frowned. Maybe he’d been wrong. “Zick?”

Zick sighed and hunched his shoulders. “It’s my boss. He wants me to go back to work.” He stared at Milo, a small smile gracing his lips. “But don’t worry. I’m not going.”

“But, Zick.”

Zick couldn’t refuse obeying his chief’s order. He might lose his job. And Milo, he wouldn’t allow Zick to give up on his dreams even if it meant spending less time with him.

Zick shook his head. “No. You’re more important than my job.”

Milo’s breath hitched, his heart fluttering like the wings of a butterfly. Zick was willing to sacrifice his dream job just to be with him? Milo was an idiot. Their love would never fade into nothingness, only growing stronger as they faced challenges together.

Nothing could ever stand in the way of their happiness.

Milo was certain.

He took one last sip of coffee before dismissing his cup into his NeverSpace and jumping on his feet. If he started packing now, they’d be home in less than two skywinks.

Confusion flashed on Zick’s face. “What are you doing?”



Milo crouched in front of Zick and cupped his face. “I miss you too, but you can’t ignore your chief’s request. You love your job and I’d hate for you to get punished because of me. Listen. I’m always with you even when I’m not.” Milo brushed his thumb against Zick’s cheek, his expression softening. “We have our entire future to be together.”

Zick beamed, a smile as bright as the sun curling his lips.

Milo chuckled as love bloomed in his chest at the sight of his sweetheart. “My speech was that good, huh?”

“No. Well, yes. But I just had the greatest idea of all times.”

“Oh, Div’.”

Zick stared at Milo with sparkling eyes. “Let’s move in together.”


Zick nodded his head, enthusiasm fueling his movements. “Yes. It’s brilliant. That way, we’ll get to see each other even when we’re both busy with work. What do you say? Mind making some space in your socks drawer for me?”

Heck. Milo would sell his cottage and move into a hut if he’d asked.

“None, whatsoever.”

And a week later, Zick moved into Milo’s cottage, and nothing ever stood in the way of their happiness.

Not even Rascal.